Time for the Infant Bulb Syringe

It is getting that time again when babies will be getting colds. Colds are no fun for anyone but a cold for an infant is the even worse. This is because infants can not blow their own noses. This is where the infant bulb syringe comes to play. With one you can successfully remove all the mucus from your baby’s precious stuffy nose.

Buy the number one baby blocked nose tool used in hospitals; the hard to find blue hospital grade infant bulb syringe.

Infant Bulb Syringe: Why Use One?

Most children under 2 cannot blow their own noses. It is necessary to have a infant bulb syringe tool that can clear our nasal passages to let them breath easier. Children may need their noses cleared out daily especially when they have a cold or illness.

Bulb Syringe Infant

A very interesting fact that I read online was that children catch as many as six to ten colds a year. That is a lot of mucus clearing. And in contrast grown-ups usually get only two or three colds a year. This is another reason to have a baby nose suction bulb in the house, car, diaper bag, etc.

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